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TLS UK actually specialise in projection lighting, unlike any other company in the digital cinema industry. This puts our company in an enviable position with unrivalled knowledge, experience and diagnostic skills with all Xenon lamp related issues.
While digital projector installers may have some working knowledge of Xenon lamps, it is only a very small part of their skill base.

Digital projector installers are sometimes under extreme time constraints during digital projector installations. This often means that when digital projectors are installed the Xenon lamp is selected and setup generically - which is not always the most cost effective solution.

This is where TLS UK can really make a difference and this has been proved many times in our customer’s screens. Such expertise can not only ensure that the DCI light on screen specification is met, but that the most cost effective lamp type and wattage is installed.

TLS UK can make a positive impact to a cinemas Xenon lamp budget by selecting the correct lamp types vs. screen size and by fine tuning the software’s lamp settings.
Examples of Services Offered:
Benchmark / snapshot evaluation of a cinema
  • Measuring of all cinema screens in both 2D & 3D formats for light levels (Foot Lamberts)
  • Checking that correct lamp wattages are installed in those screens and recommending increases / decreases accordingly
  • Checking the projector software settings are correct for the lamp with emphasis on correct wattage, percentage and current range
  • Budgeting / Cost saving recommendations
Troubleshooting Investigations:
  • Drop in screen light levels
  • Xenon lamps not achieving warranty life
  • Xenon lamp ignition problems
  • Xenon lamp overheating problems
Pre Film Premier screen check:
  • Supply, align and calibrate a new lamp ready for the premier
  • Ensure / adjust light levels are to the exact specifications of the film distributor / director
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