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Xenon lamps are under a considerable pressure (up to 40 Bar) compared to standard light bulbs.
This means that special PPE, Personal Protective Equipment needs to be worn when handling them. Once the lamps have completed their warranty life they need to be safely ruptured before being disposed of.
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PPE, Personal Protective Equipment

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Xenon Lamp Terminator

A full range of PPE is available: Face visor, safety jacket and protective gauntlets, including small sizes. Please contact us for further information and pricing.
Xenon lamps must be ruptured prior to disposal for safety reasons; serious staff injury could occur if a lamp exploded outside of controlled conditions.
The Xenon Lamp Terminator, is hand built to high safety tolerances and is therefore able to fully contain the explosion of a Xenon lamp.

View the data sheet here for further information.
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