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It is important to have good presentation and therefore no customer complaints by ensuring your cinema screen's light measurements meets the industry standard. We offer our own TLS UK designed and manufactured Screen Checker (also sold for export through Harkness Screens) and the Jeti Specbos 1201 light and colour meter which is suitable for digital projector installations.

Digital Screen Checker, a low cost hand held digital cinema Foot Lambert meter. An ideal tool for Projection managers / projectionists to monitor screen brightness. Please contact the office for further information.

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TLS UK Digital Screen Checker.

The New D Cinema Screen Checker

• Measure screen brightness during lamp installation
• Take periodic readings to confirm DCI screen compliance
• Check screen consistency throughout the cinema.
• Calibrated screen brightness range 0ft/L to 30 ft/L
• Display instant accurate readings for both 2D and 3D screens
• Hand held and easy to use
• Battery powered
• Simple optical screen alignment viewer

View the data sheet here.
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The Screen Checker is also sold in kit form with a protective case, tripod and a magnetic 3D glasses support.

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Jeti 1201, a USB laptop linked meter for accurately measuring Foot Lambert light levels and X,Y colour coordinates. An essential tool for the Digital cinema installer or service engineer. Please contact the office for further information.

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Jeti 1201 Light and Colour Meter.

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